MatchSpot is a sports platform which equips the masses with the facility of organising padel events and tournaments.
Founded in 2020, MatchSpot is now considered to be the fastest growing Padel Event Organizer in the UAE with a renowned virtual presence. Match Spot strives to display, develop and exude the athletic potential of all the players so that they maximise on their strength while they’re on the court.
About MatchSpot

An organizer for global events

As we set our foundation in 2021, our ethos lies in promoting, targeting and honing the padel community across the globe. We also seek to promote the presence of padel with our sponsors and offer padel activities as corporate events.

An organizer for global events

Deemed as a global events organiser for international tournaments, MatchSpot boasts a variety of different nationalities who partake in our tournaments.

Promotion of Padel based facilities

Defined with optimum sense of design and structure of this sport, we can promote the padel based facilities by organising tournaments.

Our Mission

MatchSpot’s vision is to promote the sports and host the events in the most holistic way possible. We also seek to harbour equipped facilities, sponsors and the community for an unforgettable experience.

Our Vision

MatchSpot’s vision is to bring a sense of uniqueness in the realm of padel events and organise them with excellence.

Our Aim

At MatchSpot, we aim to promote padel as a sport and organise the events with optimal coverage and resources. We also strive to be the most endowed organisers of padel events and other sports activities.

The purpose lies in the promotion.

Founded on the initiative of a sense of passion and purpose towards padel as a sport, we, as a platform, have a centric focus towards the promotion of padel sport and the surrounding facilities.

For us, offering a service also comes with the facility to manage it. If a venue wants us to manage their virtual presence for them, we offer the following set of services:
- Marketing
- Sponsorships
- Event management
These services are tailored in accordance to the needs of the public. We provide, equip and manage, all at once!